Fleming County Hospital Names DAISY Award Winner!

October 4, 2018

The DAISY Award program is new to Fleming County Hospital.  The acronym, DAISY, standis for Diseases Attacking the Immune System, and was started as a way to say Thank You for the gifts nurses give their patients and families every day, so the Barnes family created The DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurses to honor the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day.  To read more about the award, or to get more information, please visit The DAISY Foundation by clicking here.

DAISY Award recipients are nominated by their, peers, physicians, patients and families, and other staff and administrators to receive:  A certificate and portfolio proclaiming the recipient an "Extraordinary Nurse", a DAISY Award pin, a unique hand-carved serpentine stone sculpture from Zimbabwe entitled "A Healer's Touch", a Spotlight page on the DAISY website, featuring a photo and telling the story of why this nurse was honored, and all the nurses and staff in the recipient's unit are treated to cinnamon rolls.

Since starting the program, Fleming County Hospital has had 5 nominees for the DAISY award.  All nomination forms were blinded for anonymity, and the selection process was a long and difficult process.  There are certain criteria that nursing staff have to meet in order to receive the award.

Our nominees were:  Berniece Stephens (CCU), Billie Dunigan (CCU), Katherine Smith (House Supervisor), Kristy Hay (ED), and Jane Sherwood (Med-Surg).  Each nominee received a nominee pin, cinnamon rolls for their unit, a DAISY brochure, a DAISY coffee mug, a single daisy, and spotlight on our Facebook page, as a way to recognize their exceptional efforts.  Since Jane Sherwood was our DAISY winner, she received the certificate, a special pin, a mug with a daisy, and other goodies listed above.  Congratulations Jane!!