Diagnostic Imaging in Flemingsburg, KY

Imaging Director

Gena Barker, R.T(R) 

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The Diagnostic Imaging Department of Fleming County Hospital, commonly referred to as x-ray, is one of the primary ancillary service areas in the hospital. The principle function of this department is to assist physicians and other healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient's disease through the use of radiography, fluoroscopy, radioisotopes, ultrasonography, computed tomography, mammography, magnetic reasonance, and other procedures. 

We combine the latest technologies with our team of caring healthcare professionals to provide our customers with the highest quality of diagnostic testing. 

Diagnostic Radiology

We offer all general radiology procedures, including general x-rays and fluoroscopy. 


Fleming County Hospital offers a complete spectrum of diagnostic ultrasound procedures including: gynecological, breast, prostate, cardiac and vascular (veins and arteries of the legs, arms, neck and abdomen) procedures. 

Low-Dose Lung CT Screening

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, killing more people than colon,
breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers combined. Eighty-five percent of lung cancer cases occur in
current or former smokers. Fortunately, this disease is often treatable if caught early.

Recent studies show that low-dose CT lung cancer screening can lower your risk of dying from lung cancer.

Nuclear Medicine

Our Nuclear Medicine Department offers a complete spectrum of nuclear medicine studies to include bones, liver, spleen, brain, cardiac and gastrointestinal tract. The exam room features "visual therapy", music and décor to create a soothing and healing atmosphere. 

16 Slice CT Scan

Fleming County Hospital offers the latest technology for these services through the use of a new 16-slice full body imaging. This allows for better quality imaging with shorter scan times for our patients. 

Digital Mammography Breast Imaging

Breast diagnostic services offered at Fleming County Hospital include digital mammography, ultrasonography and needle localization/breast biopsies. Our staff and equipment are fully accredited by the American College of Radiology. Our experienced technologist perform over 120 mammograms every month. 


Fleming County Hospital has a state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system available onsite in our new Radiology Department. The MRI provides exceptionally clear images of the human body and has many beneficial uses for patients, especially those with orthopedic or neurologic problems. In addition, all MRI images at FCH are read and interpreted by board-certified radiologists associated with the hospital. 

What to bring

When you prepare to come to the Diagnostic Imaging department, make sure you bring your physician orders and your insurance card with you. When you arrive at Fleming County Hospital, proceed directly to the outpatient registration desk to complete your paperwork. For more information on Fleming County Hospital Diagnostic Imaging services, please call (606) 849-5151.