Surgical Services

Contact Information

Department:  (606) 849-5160


Brittany Renner, RN



Whether you require inpatient or outpatient surgical services, Fleming County Hospital is able to provide high quality care from our experienced and skilled staff. According to a 3rd party analysis we have one of the lowest turnover times in the nation when compared to hospitals of similar size with similar cases cases. This means that our patients will typically have a shorter wait time leading up to an operation, and can get back to a normal life more quickly.

Our surgical specialties include:

  • General Surgery
  • Ear, Nose and Throat

  • Orthopedic

  • Gynecology

  • Oncology

  • Urology


What to Expect When you have Surgery at Fleming County Hospital

Before Surgery

Once your physician has scheduled a surgery at Fleming County Hospital, patients will begin by pre-registering for the procedure.  Patients can pre-register in the ED before 8:--am, and in the front lobby beginning at 8:00am.  Once registered, a surgical services staff member will come to get you in preparation for your procedure.  Family members will be guided to the waiting room across the hall. 

Once back in the pre-op area, we will review your chart and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) will discuss any concerns. After your procedure, you and your family/visitor(s) will be given discharge instructions.  It is important that you understand these instructions before you leave the hospital.

We look forward to providing your surgical services needs!